Filter- and dust extraction plants

Fire protection system for the protection of filters for welding smoke extraction systems, blasting plants and dust removal systems in general


The following three factors are essential requirements for a fire or explosion in a filter system:

  • burnt material
    in the form of combustible slags and dusts with a particularly high concentration in the area of the filters and collection containers.
    Gas formation (special form of the combustible material)
    Smoldering fires can produce combustible gases, so-called low-temperature carbonization gases. These smouldering gases can ignite by opening the filter and the associated supply of oxygen. This can lead to deflagration.
  • Air (oxygen O2)
    supplied by the fan
  • Ignition Energy
    represent hot parts or reactions in waste containers and static discharge of badly or not grounded plant parts.


Considering the presence of all three factors, technical safety installations to protect people and the system are required.

In this connection, a fire should be detected in the creation phase and fought quickly and as close to the source of the fire as possible through the targeted use of suitable extinguishing agents.

Our specialists work out the right solution for you and accompany every step from planning to commissioning, possible expansions, if desired also up to recycling.

The control type TP

The advantages of the control system are not only the new space-saving design and the touch-panel operating unit with event memory for STS fire protection systems.

Performance features:

  • Touch display with event memory
  • UPS with lightning protection class 2 + 3 VDE 0100-443;-534
  • Over- and undervoltage protection of the 24V DC system
  • EMV improvements according to the latest requirements
  • TÜV certificate
  • Special development for fire detection in paint shops
  • Safety contacts 2-channel for fire alarm and operational readiness
  • Individual customer extensions possible
  • Data backup via USB stick
  • Access via WWW via VPN
  • Meets the current safety standards according to the applicable standards EN 16985:2018; EN 50177/A1:2013-01; EN ISO 13849-2:2012; EN ISO 13849-1:2015

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