Wet painting systems

Fire protection system for the protection of spray booths for liquid organic coating materials with single or multi-stage extinguishing system

Fire detection Application protection and CO² flooding

  • PL d Fire detection system for automatic detection, forwarding and signalling
  • IR / UV flame detector, heat detector also certified for Ex-zones
  • Fault monitoring of all protective components
  • Application protection immediately upon detection by intermittent deletion processes
  • For personal protection Electro-pneumatic delay device to DGUV 205-026
  • Conception, design, assembly, commissioning and maintenance from one source

Our specialists will work out the right solution for you and accompany every step from planning to commissioning, possible extensions, if desired also up to recycling.


Painting with organic coating materials means handling flammable and explosive substances. Among the main hazards are:

  • The fire hazard of the paint in the application area between the application device and the workpiece
  • The increased risk with electrostatically charged paint
  • The fire risk from paint residues in the spray booth and filters in particular, when different paints are used, can lead to reactions
  • The fire risk due to paint residues in separators and dry filter elements
  • Ignition of paint residues due to incorrect operation, mechanical or electrical faults during operation of the spray booth

These existing risks must be identified and taken into account already at the plant design stage.


Automatic coating systems must be equipped with fire detection. Systems with electrostatic application devices B-L and higher must also be equipped with an additional object protection extinguishing system (effective between application device and workpiece). Coating booths, if automatic fire detection is available, must be equipped with an extinguishing system or an interface to an on-site extinguishing system.

Requirements consist for example of the standards:

  • EN 50176:2010 Stationary equipment for electrostatic coating with flammable liquid coating materials
  • EN 16985:2018 Paint systems for organic coating materials

This requirement can be realised with a self-sufficient object protection extinguishing system or a 2-stage extinguishing system.

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